Security Risk Assessment

Security risk assessment means the evaluation of general or specific security related issue of a person, his house or the company he works for. It can refer to physical security, that is danger from any robbers or fire hazards and the assessment will try to identify the risks so that proper alarm systems, fire extinguishers etc can be placed. Or it can refer to online security risks where a person’s personal or official files may be at risk from viruses, malware etc. By analyzing these risks, one advises the need for installation of anti-virus or anti-malware in the computer so that all important files are protected.

Sample Security Risk Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Tech All Team, Seattle

Name: Gary Williams

Address: 222 Johnsonville Road, Seattle

Occupation: Professor

Objective of assessment: The evaluation aims to identify any security risks in Mr Williams’ computer that may hamper his files or make his system open to online theft of important information

Areas on which questions asked:

  • What anti-virus, anti-malware and other protective software do you use?
  • Do you know what is phishing?
  • Do you always log off from your account?

Assessment and recommendations:

Based on Mr Williams’ answers, we suggest the following measures:

  • Identity theft is very common in personal computers and we recommend the installation of reliable anti-virus, firewall, anti–malware in the computer and regularly update them
  • It is advisable to log off every time one finishes using the computer, even if it is one’s personal home computer
  • Passwords should be changed at least once every month to prevent hacking

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