Self Assessment Example

It is almost a universally acknowledged fact that it is ourselves that we know the least. Hence, self-assessment or self-evaluation becomes a crucial tool in self-improvement as it makes us face to face with ourselves and understand our own habits, behavior and attitude to a certain subject. Self-assessment can be done through self-introspective meditation or by taking self-assessment tests.

Self-Assessment Example

My Name: Dorothy Fowler

Date of Conduction of the Assessment: April 11, 2012

Objective: To understand my strengths and weaknesses and my ability to deal with crises situation.


  • Strengths: Optimistic, ability to remain calm during crises, logical.
  • Weaknesses: Inability to foresee or anticipate crises and be prepared for it, unorganized, doesn’t learn from mistakes.
  • Handling of crises situations:-
  • Positives:
  1. When faced with crises, doesn’t panic or get tensed.
  2. Can think of a logical solution in a calm mind.
  3. Consults people who can offer positive rational advices and equip her with the right attitude to confront the problem.
  4. Doesn’t resort to the blame game and prefers to accept and handle the problem objectively.
  • Negatives:
  1. Non-confrontationist attitude. Prefers to avoid the problem than confront it.
  2. Leaves things for the last minute.
  3. Too optimistic to keep a plan B as backup in case implementation of Plan A fails.
  4. Gets messed up when faced with serious issues.


  1. Can handle small crises situations. But when it comes to larger issues tends to get lost in the way.
  2. Needs to envision both the best and worst scenarios for any case in order to have a backup plan ready to compensate for mishaps.


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