Self Assessment Format

Self assessment is a process through which one can evaluate one’s own personal attributes and traits. This kind of assessment is generally prepared specific to the objective. That is why it is essential to build a self assessment format effectively so that it could serve the purpose of appraisal effectively.

Sample Self Assessment Format

Self assessment conducted by

As this is a self assessment, it would be conducted by the concern person himself. Therefore, he must specify his name initially so as to keep track of the document.

Date of presenting:

Irrespective of the purpose of the self assessment, the document must bear a date of presenting it.


One of the important sections of self assessment is the purpose. This is because, based on it the factors of the appraisal is decided and related to which the concern individual assessed oneself.

Factors and Findings:

Each of the factors related to the purpose has to be stated separately along with its findings. This section has to be drafted profusely and with a lucid approach so that it would effectively help the concern authority to conclude a result from it.


Finally, based upon all the parameters and related findings a clear line of conclusion has to be drawn. This section should be drafted with utmost proficiency and should mention thorough research of the responses that is achieved through self assessment. This must be presented in a manner so that it helps the particular individual to understand his forte or stand related to the concerning purpose.

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