Self Assessment Template

Self assessment template is a pre-developed format which outlines the appraisement document that helps an individual to determine their personal traits and attributes. This is possibly one of the effective ways through which a person can identify his strengths and weaknesses related to the particular purpose that is being self assessed.

Sample Self Assessment Template


[The document must start with a title related to its content]

Self assessment conducted by: _________________ [specify the name of the individual by whom the self assessment is conducted]

Date of presenting it: __________________ [specify the date of conducting the self assessment in dd-mm-yy format]

Nature of self assessment: ________________________ [Specify the kind of particular self assessment it is. This section has to be demarcated in such a manner so that it helps the respondent to understand its lineaments clearly.]

Factors: [In this section, create provision for specifying each factors that is being assessed and state the findings or response of the concern individual along with each of them]

Factor 1 __________________

Findings/ Response related to factor 1:_________________________

Factor 2 __________________

Findings/ Response related to factor 2:_________________________

Factor 3 __________________

Findings/ Response related to factor 3:_________________________

Factor   4 __________________

Findings/ Response related to factor 4:_________________________

Factor 5 __________________

Findings/ Response related to factor 5:_________________________

Conclusion/ Result: [Conclusion has to be drawn based upon the factors that are being assessed. It must deliver a potential solution that would help both the concern authority and individual to determine the areas which one needs to improve to fulfill the particular purpose]

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