Self Assessments

Self assessment is an important tool which enables a person to evaluate his own personal traits and attributes concerning a particular purpose. Such kind of assessment is generally conducted for a varied range of purposes and it helps to take a close look at oneself by identifying his approach. Self assessments are of two types

  • Self-directed: This is generally answered and interpreted by one own self.
  • Self assessment tests: These are tests conducted and interpreted by professional institutes through which one can easily make self appraisal.

However, irrespective of the type, while constructing a self assessment document one must ensure to follow the following points strictly and with a professional approach.

  • The first and foremost point that one need to maintain throughout is honesty. This would help to expose the brutally true fact regarding a person’s ability to perform a certain task.
  • The factors that are being delineated on the document for being self assessed have to be presented with thorough research so that it is relevant to the purpose.
  • In most of the cases, personality is strongly build by the experiences one has undergone. Therefore, the document must throw light on those areas which are developed through personal experiences.

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