Self Career Assessment

A self career assessment is an official tool of analysing one’s own career requirements and interests. It must be done with great insight into personal needs and inclinations in order to arrive at a suitable result. Self career assessment should not be adopted frivolously as it is a question of one’s whole career planning.

Sample Self Career Assessment

Name of the person: Jelly Montez

Academic designation: Masters student

Need for self career assessment: A student should know about his passion and decide independently about how to fulfil them. It would bring enormous encouragement and motivate him to proceed courageously in the long run.

Major benefit: With the help of supported and directive introspection, a student is the best judge to figure out which occupation to pursue.

Method: A student should first try and picture his power of adaptation to challenges while doing a professional project. That would form the platform on which he can gain control over his thoughts.

Direction: The concerned student must think in the direction of his desires whether to go for financially rewarding occupations or to fall for challenging works.

Steps of self career assessment:

The interest and aptitude must be deciphered by seeing the time and intensity of commitment towards a particular task.

Personality dimensions like introversion, submissiveness, leadership qualities and dependent behaviour should be counted as having a suitable personality is very important.

The intelligence score of the person is the next step to consider by assessing his intellectual powers in abstract and concrete works.

The final step is to know accurately about the learning capabilities.

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