Self Esteem Assessment

Self esteem assessment is a formal method of reaching a conclusive whole about one’s subjective perception of his self worth. It objectifies the areas where the person is confident or deficient in psychological terms through proper means and tests by a qualified expert. Thus it should be illustrated in a succinct and lucid system.

Sample Self Esteem Assessment

Name of the candidate: Clara Irish

Age: 19 years

Designation: Student

Objective of self esteem assessment: This self esteem assessment is an attempt to uncover the student’s belief about her abilities and competency. This would signify whether she is inclined positively or negatively on the scale of self esteem judgment, knowledge of which would eventually help her gain control over her life and career.

Self esteem assessment conducted by: Frank Anthony

Self esteem assessment conducted on: 8th July, 2011

Self esteem assessment conducted in: Nottingham School


Highlight 1: The concerned student is mostly insecure and timid in nature and that in turn leads to negative feelings, apprehensions, anxiety and nervousness.

Highlight 2: She has a tendency to underestimate herself and trusts her own devaluation of self more than other’s positive remarks or comments about her. This marks the underlying low confidence.

Highlight 3: Fights or arguments over minor issues send her into fits of rage throwing temper tantrums in every unreasonable manner which is an indicator of her inner turmoil and mental depression.


From the assessment, it may be said that the student has very low self esteem and suffers from feelings of inferiority. [Refer to annexure 2 for identification of the causes].


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