Self Health Assessment

Self health assessment refers to the self-executed process involved in the health examination of a person. It is an assessment standing on the person’s speculation about the possible outcome of his lifestyle and health practices. Thus the report is based on subjective analysis of the health repercussions. The person, here, must frame it under the guidance of an expert.

Sample Self Health Assessment

Name of the person whose self health assessment is done: Justin Timberlake

Date of self health assessment: 8th October, 2011

Significance of the self health assessment: This would enlighten the person on the positivity and negativity of the lifestyle he practices and the future implications of those on his health vis-à-vis his family’s health prompting him to take immediate suitable measures.

Health Risks:

1. I am a chain smoker and I need to take a minimum of 12 cigarettes a day. No amount of counseling and rationalization has been able to eradicate this habit of mine which leaves me feeling guilty.

2. Due to intense work pressure and responsibility, I used to remain awake all night. The work pressure has reduced considerably but then the habit to fall asleep late has lingered keeping me up most part of the night.

Health Stability:

1. Following a kidney stone operation, I was advised by my physician to drink 8 liters of water every day which I have conformed to. This has removed skin problems too.

2. I have a strict exercise routine consisting of yoga, dance and working out at the gym for one hour, ensuring my body fitness and mental stability.


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