Ship Security Assessment

Ship security assessment or SSA is the process by which one analyses the various security threats to a ship and it is part of the Ship Security Assessment. The main factors one needs to keep in mind when evaluating the security of the ship are identifying the main operations aboard the ship, evaluating the current security measures, identifying any possible threats or problems in the infrastructure and examining the knowledge of the crew members regarding ship security. The assessment should also study the ship’s process of responding to emergency situations, how often it conducts security patrols and the handling of surveillance equipment by security personnel.

Sample Ship Security Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Maritime Connection, San Francisco

Name: US Sea Princess

Objective of assessment: To identify any potential threats, examine the ships existing security measures and to suggest measures to avoid any risks

Executive summary:

  • The ship’s security was examined at levels and it was found that all operations of the ship are secured in board. However, certain steps can be taken to ensure that there are no risks in the future

Assumptions and limitations:

  • Areas surrounding the ship and deck areas need more scrutiny
  • All information and equipment regarding the ship’s security must be easily available
  • The ship has no risks from hijacking by offshore pirates and there has been no past case of any untoward incident

Security requirements:

  • Strict measures must be taken to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas
  • Cargo area must be secured and people’s embarkation must be monitored closely

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