Skills Assessment Format

Skills assessment is the procedure through which a person’s worth, capability in terms of communication and profession can be analysed and assessed. This assessment is done specially to analyse a person’s skills in various levels of technicality, communication and leadership. Hence a skills assessment format is supposed to present an outline of the steps that have been taken and the necessary aspects of the process should be highlighted.

Sample Skills Assessment Format

Name of Respondent________________________________

Age of respondent___________________________________

First paragraph-The first paragraph should clearly explain the purpose of assessment. The approach to the document has to be amiable in a way that the respondent is comfortable with the assessment and can easily convey the requisite information. This is bound to make the assessment easier and faster in terms of the process. Before writing this paragraph the person should go through the respondent’s assessment of skills and should explore the purpose of the evaluation once again to be sure.

Second paragraph- The second paragraph should focus on the skill assessment of the person. This should incorporate communication skills and technical skills and also place special emphasis on the leadership skills. Besides this paragraph should analyse the special skills and the expertise in the various skills of leadership, occupational presences, official proficiency, behavioural traits and personality assessment.

Third paragraph- The last paragraph should emphasize on the recital abilities, pronunciation and finer aspects of the social skills. Any special remarks with regards to any particular skill can be added here in this section. Lastly the assessment details should be brought to a close in an organised manner.


Signature of assessor___________________________

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