Skills Assessments

Skills assessments are vital methods employed to measure the soft, communication, professional and transferable skills of a candidate. Such an assessment program is conducted by the experts hired by business organizations or by the freelance professionals to document the technical and formal abilities of an individual. This is one of the most powerful procedures to judge the ability of an individual to perform certain tasks. To evaluate the proficiency of a candidate, previous job record, next level of interests and training experience of a particular job position is considered. Basic skills, system abilities, decision making skills, social skills and corporate handling abilities are some of the essential skills being observed in a skill assessment program.

Types of skills Assessments:

  • Technical skills Assessment
  • Online skills Assessment
  • Leadership skills assessment
  • Communication skills Assessment, etc

Following factors must be considered carefully before designing or conducting a skill assessment program:

  • Choose the method of skill assessment such as a multiple option questionnaire, form, online survey, interview and opinion poll, etc.
  • Review the drafted document used for skill assessment as it must contain specific fields such as candidate name, designation, department name other employment details.
  • Employ the diverse approaches such as occupational presences, analytical abilities, behavioural traits and personality & official proficiency, etc in a skill assessment.
  • Carefully measure the recital reactions of a candidate if it is an interview and evaluate the marked answers in case of questionnaire & form, etc.
  • Compile the data to assess each candidate and complete a skill assessment procedure by sealing & recording it for the future reference.
  • Do not forget to pen out, if there are any special remarks about the skills of a candidate in a skill assessment.

Thus, a skill assessment is an effective tool that helps to analyse the skills of an individual.

Sample Skills Assessment

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