Skills Job Assessment

Skills job assessment provides an outline of the skills possessed by an individual to carry out a particular job. Certain jobs are highly skill oriented and makes an employee completely worthless if he is not trained in the skills. It must be executed by technical experts to see if the candidate nurtures the required skills and works by applying them sternly.

Sample Skills Job Assessment

Name of the candidate: Winston Goody

Title of the job: Public Relations

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelor in mass communication
  • Masters in marketing and promotion

Skills necessary for the job:

  • Social skills form the major framework of the job as public relation management revolves around frequently facing media interviews, handling customer complaints and increasing the social periphery of the company.
  • Communication skill is the second most important skill because PR officials have to constantly keep in touch with the outside world and communicate their policies, decisions and actions through the media.
  • Manipulative skills should come handy as PR professionals are used by companies to persuade clients and win over customers to strike a deal with the company and keep good relations with the company in future.

Assessment Conclusion:

  • The candidate‚Äôs future in public relations looks a little bleak because of his partial mastery over manipulative skills.
  • His social skills are limited which makes him a reserved personality and retarded in social networking.
  • His is devoid of amiable skills highly valued in PR jobs like socialising on a regular basis.
  • He is not well rehearsed in the skill of acting promptly and proactively.

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