Social Health Assessment

A social health assessment is an analysis of the current health standards of people across a broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds, personal and professional domains. Society is a vague and largely undefined collection of individuals and to arrive at a health assessment of this amorphous body, one needs to conduct thorough and inclusive surveys. Only then can a most general picture emerge, but even such a picture has its uses.

Sample Social Health Assessment:

Nature of social health assessment: The following is an extract from the social health assessment conducted by LIASON Health Care Services Pvt. Ltd. in 2009.

Details of the assessment: The survey was conducted in the state of Wisconsin, and survey forms were distributed among the electorate.

Their answers to the myriad questions posed to them provided enlightening patterns which present a picture of the health and general well being of society as well as the various malaises plaguing society today:

  • Some of chief ailments plaguing society are intangible qualities like stress, job insecurity and the health hazards of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • There is a singular lack of awareness of health issues that threaten individuals. Most people avoid health checkups which should be made mandatory after a certain age.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle and even more unhealthy eating habits are the primary causes of health problems in the youth of this country.
  • Preventive measures can only be introduced after the common populace has been made aware of the importance of lifestyle changes.

Date of conduction of social health assessment: June 2009

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