Social Skills Assessment

Social skills have become one of the most crucial qualities that must be imbibed in oneself to prosper in today’s world. It is something that must be developed from childhood in order to emerge successful in this competitive world. Social skills assessment is a psychological tool that analyzes the amount of social skills an individual possesses and the areas he needs to work on.

Sample Social Skills Assessment

Name of the concerned individual: Elaine Torres

Age: 18 years

Occupation: Student

Procedure: The individual was made to perform certain simple tasks where she needed to interact with people and forge alliances. The assessment is based on the performance, attitude and responses of the individual to the given tasks.



  • The individual can make interaction with all and sundry and make new friendships with absolute ease.
  • She has the ability to gain the confidence of those around her with immense poise and grace.
  • The individual possesses impressive pursuing and convincing abilities.
  • Amiable personality.


  • The individual has certain inhibitions in breaking the ice. It seems she needs to be approached rather than responded to.
  • Is shy when it comes to interrupting to larger groups.
  • Hesitates to ask favors.


  • The individual seems to have inhibitions in approaching people but can build fast friendships if approached.
  • While she is absolutely at ease with one to one relationships, the very idea of penetrating a large group seems to fear her.
  • Zero patience, loses temper easily.

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