Software Security Assessment

Software security assessment means evaluation of the software used to protect a computer and to check if it is performing its security tasks well. Computers are at constant risks from online threats in the form of viruses, malware etc which affect the performance of the computer and can also lead to leak of information and identity theft. For this reason, one must ensure that the computer is protected using good and reliable software which provides security to the system. It is advisable to conduct periodic assessment of the software to make sure that it is updated and knows how to detect all the latest threats.

Sample Software Security Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Tech Security, California

Name: New Age Store

Address: 922 Lady Bird Lane, California

Objective of assessment: To evaluate the performance of the company’s software security programs and to see if it is providing the right kind of protection to the files

Executive summary:

  • The company’s systems are protected by a number of anti-virus and anti-malware software and firewall to keep all the business information secure. They will be examined on possible risks and solutions will be suggested

Assumptions and limitations:

  • All the software security engines have been updated and are up to date on the newest security threats
  • The organization does not have any team or individual who will conduct a software security check

Security requirements:

  • Software security checks must be conducted by responsible senior workers regularly but randomly
  • People working there must be made aware of the basic applications so that they avoid clicking on suspicious links

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