Soil Health Assessment

Soil health assessment is a process through which the quality of any particular soil could be assessed in order to determine its fertility, ability of meeting ecosystem functionalities and presence of essential nutrients. Such a document must elaborate all the measuring terms in order to achieve an optimum result.

Sample Soil Health Assessment

Soil Health Assessment Program 2011

Assessment conducted by: Institute of Eco-science Research and Soil Health Development

Date of conducting the assessment: 4th June 2011

Purpose of the assessment:  This assessment is being solicited by “Institute of Eco-science Research and Soil Health Development” to measure the quality and health of the soil around various industrial zones of America. On last year’s assessment, traces of different chemicals used in industries were detected on the collected soil samples of this area. Since then several measures have been taken to improve the soil health at this region.

Aspects of soil health that is being assessed:

  • Ability of sustaining animal and plant productivity.
  • Ability of meeting the wide range of ecosystem functionalities.
  • Its quality and presence of nutrients.

Assessment Report:

Our underlying principle for determining “soil health” is that soil not only serves the purpose of a growing medium but it is a dynamic, living substance which is needed for the survival of the diverse ecosystem. Through the collected sample, it has been found that the measures implemented by us over the last one year have been effective in reducing the chemical content from the soil available around the industrial zone. However, toxic level needs to be lowered further for increasing the soil fertility.

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