Special Education Assessment

A special education assessment is a document which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a special education institution or course. Such institutions provide a secure and pleasant educational atmosphere to millions of children with learning disabilities or other kinds of physical and emotional challenges. Hence a special education assessment must be conducted well and the results documented correctly.

Sample Special Education Assessment

Name of institution offering special education courses to children with learning disabilities: Green Park High School

Year of establishment: 1992

Address: 34 Broadway Avenue, New York

Special education assessment conducted by: Ministry of Human Rights in collaboration with the Education Board of New York.

Description of the institution:

  • This institution offers educational opportunities to children with learning, physical and emotional challenges as well as to children who are not hindered by such challenges. The aim of the school is to integrate the former with the latter at higher stages so that there is no segregation between the two.
  • The school has a number of trained professionals who have vast experience in dealing with children with disabilities and who know the importance of a sound education in equipping them for life’s challenges.

Areas of improvement:

  • The school must improve its teacher student ratio if it is to create a real impact. Given the experience and talent of the teachers associated with the school, it will be a pity if the teacher student ratio is not increased significantly.
  • The school can also do with an increase in campus space in order to provide children with a secure and happy atmosphere in which to experience the joys of education.

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