Sports Assessment Format

A sports assessment format is the organised outline of the assessment of an athlete’s medical history and the routine medical examination that he has to go through. Through such a kind of assessment, a player can keep a tab on his health by availing the best medical care. This assessment is conducted by using various kinds of exercises and diagnosis to test the flexibility and mobility of the player.

Sample Sports Assessment Format.

Name of the player____________________


First paragraph- In the very first paragraph of the sports assessment format, the purpose of the assessment should be stated. The kind of assessment conducted like whether it is psychological assessment or one to test the physical fitness that should be clearly mentioned. The exercises should be enlisted and the purpose of using these exercises should be clearly mentioned.

Second paragraph- The second paragraph of this assessment format should elaborate on the details of the exercises to be used to conduct the assessment. The various levels of evaluation like that of the behaviour of the athlete during screening, communicative ability of the player, responses during treatments, satisfaction and resilience from an injury should be specified. The psychological traits and physical distresses should be recorded along with the improvement ratio. The final report has to be objective and impartial in every way to promote the well being of the player.

Third paragraph- The final paragraph of the assessment should end with a feedback from the player and also have any kind of remarks that need to be added about any special findings in the process.

Name of assessor________________________________________

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