Sports Assessment Template

A sports assessment template gives a basic idea of how to frame a sports assessment report. It pinpoints the finer aspects of a particular sport and discovers the demerits of the sport if any. It is done by professional sportsmen who have been in the field for decades. This process is a necessity for the authorization of a new sport or for deciding which sport to endorse by an organization.

Sample Sports Assessment Template

Name of sport: _______________________ [Give the name of the sport which is to be assessed]

Sports assessment conducted by: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the externally based assessment agency]

Sports assessment commissioned by: ___________________________ [Mention the name of the organization commissioning the sports assessment]

Date of submission of sports assessment report: ____________________________ [Provide the appropriate date in words]

Nature of sport: ________________________ [Mention the nature of the sport under review]

Sports assessment tools used:

  • Tool 1: _________________________________
  • Tool 2: _________________________________ [List the tools of assessment used in this sports assessment]

Rules of the sport:

  • Rule 1: ____________________________
  • Rule 2: ____________________________ [Enumerate the rules and regulations associated with the sport which is being assessed]

Assessment results:

  • Strengths:______________________________________________________
  • Weaknesses: ____________________________________________________
  • Skills and nature of training required:_________________________________
  • Level of commitment demanded from the game:________________________
  • Number of players:_______________________________________________
  • Strategies of the game:____________________________________________
  • Power of the referee:______________________________________________
  • Average time to complete one round:_________________________________
  • Qualifications of the coach:_________________________________________

Changes recommended through sports assessment: ____________________________

[Mention a few provisions for the sports]

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