Sports Injury Assessment

Sports is a very physical field of activity and injuries therefore form a part and parcel of every sportsman’s life. However, owing to the fitness dependent structure of the profession, dealing and finally overcoming injuries comes across as the most daunting challenge of a sportsman’s life. Sports injury assessment is the process by which a sports person identifies his injuries, studies their intensity and thereby considers the necessary steps that would help them in winning the battle against injuries.

Sample Sports Injury Assessment

Name of the concerned sports personnel: Susanna Williams

Sports injury assessment conducted by: Joseph Peterson, personal physio trainer.

Date of submission of report: April 8, 2012.

Concerned sport: Gymnastics

Career summary:

Williams has been representing the country in gymnastics for about a year now. She has already carved her place in the Commonwealth Games and is all set to participate in this year’s Olympics.

Objective of the assessment: To scrutinize whether the concerned person is fit enough to perform in this year’s Olympics tournament.

Medical history:

  • Susanna’s gymnastic career is laced with a host of minor and major injuries like wrist fractures, torn ligaments, sprains and periodic dysfunction of the nervous system.
  • The candidate has a history of typhoid, jaundice and pox, that has supposedly immuned certain ladies.
  • Susanna bears a family history of diabetes and heart diseases.

Injury assessment:

  • Hairline ankle fracture: Underwent surgery a month ago and has been recommended complete rest for a month to hasten healing.
  • Recent reports show substantial improvement in the person’s injuries and therein, promises complete recovery in a month making her hundred percent fit before and during the coming tournament.

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