Sports Nutrition Assessment

Fitness is one of those things that a sports person cannot mess with and nutrition, being the key to body fitness, demands special attention from their daily regime. Sports nutrition assessment is thus a tool that assesses the nutritional status of sports personnel and thereby charts changes that needs to be incorporated to attain the required fitness.

Sample Sports Nutrition Assessment

Name of the sports person: Jay Gatsby

Associated with: Badminton

Body mass index: 241

Sports career summary:

Plays national level badminton throughout the year. Left-handed stroke player. However, career is fraught with several injuries sustained during the last two years due to rigorous training and playing sessions, chief injuries being tennis elbow, hairline wrist fracture, sprain, and ligament injuries.

Training program:

Works out for 3 hours on gym instruments. Swimming and other physical exercises for 1-2 hours. Net practice under secondary coach for 3 hours. Physio session for 2 hours. Practice under primary coach for 4 hours.

Tournament seasons: Thrice a year.

Present diet overview:

Strictly vegetarian. Absolutely low on carbohydrates. Avoidance of rich, oily food. Medium protein.

Nutrition assessment:

  • Hydration level: 1-2 l per day
  • Glucose meter: 4.2-5.3
  • Calorie intake: 1452 kcal
  • Vitamin and mineral intake: 25-30 g
  • Protein intake: 23-44 g
  • Fat intake: 14-20 g
  • Glycemic and dietary fiber index: 6.3-8.2


The nutrition level consumed by the sports person is quite balanced for a normal healthy person. However, owing to the rigorous sports regime of the recent years, the dietary guidelines followed seem to be inadequate.

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