Sports Performance Assessment

Sports performance assessment is a tool using which one may study and analyze one’s performance in sports, seek flaws and thereby, find ways to rectify them. It forms an integral part of a sports person’s developmental career as it critiques their performance with the intention of improving them.

Sample Sports Performance Assessment

Name: Nicole Anderson

Sport: Swimming

Career history:

It has been two years since Nicole made her debut in the international arena in the Beijing Olympic returning home with a glorious bronze medal. Her career has been progressing ever since with the laurels of Commonwealth games, Euro Cup and other prestigious tournament shining on her crown.

Medical history:

Despite the envious career, Nicole’s dream run has often been interrupted by injuries and fitness issues. While a spinal problem is something that has been disturbing and sabotaging her career for some months now, it has become one of those thorns in her career she has launched a war with.

Sports performance assessment:

  • Year 2010: Nicole debuts in her international swimming career. Participates in the Olympic and earns a bronze medal for securing the third position in the 400m swimming event. This was followed by a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games and another at the Euro cup, culminating to her entry into the top 25 ranking in the world.
  • Year 2011: The year was mostly fraught with injuries which eventually ruled her out of some major events resulting in a drop from 25 to 48 in the world ranking.
  • Year 2012: Nicole qualifies for the Euro Cup and hopes to achieve good results in the coming tournament.

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