Sports Physical Assessment

A sports physical assessment is a very important and elementary test that all athletes have to go through during various phases of their career. This test is usually conducted every five years from the commencement of his/her career and goes on till the end of his/her professional career. A comparative test to begin with, it contains all the physical information required by a coach about his/her student. Basically being numeric and logistical in its analysis, it provides great insights of the player, his improvement or decadence in power and most importantly helps predict the future that waits in his professional career.

Sample Sports Physical Assessment:

Name of the player – Sam Richards.

Age – 29.

Academy/Club – Essex athlete academy.

Assessment done by – Superior Analytics, Geneva.

Date of test – 23rd July 2012.

Humidity – 7.2%.

Temperature – Cool.

Surface track – Dry.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Heart beat and time test: This test is conducted by asking the candidate to run a specified distance in a specified time. The candidate fared very well in the test and clocked the run at 17 seconds; 8 seconds ahead of the given time. Heart beat is found to be normal. Score is 19 on 20 in this round.
  • Physical fitness: This is a test in which the candidate is thoroughly inspected by a board of 5 doctors and 2 sports scientists. All details including the BP, HB, SE and others are taken note of and compared to previous statistics. Score is 12 on 20.
  • Indoor and outdoor test environments: This test is the most important in which the candidate is propelled to the biggest challenges by putting him/her under extreme indoor and outdoor conditions without relaxation. Basically a test of adaptability, the candidate showed good morale and strength and bagged in an amount of 23 marks out of the total 30.

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