Staff Health Assessment

Staff health assessment is a tool implemented by various organizations for measuring the present health status of their workers. This involves a thorough and detailed estimation so that any alarming factor related to the worker’s health could be strictly monitored and it could be cured immediately to retain back his or her efficiency in the work.

Sample Staff Health Assessment


Name of the organization: Franco Bio-pesticides Company

Date of Conducting the Assessment: 6th August 2010

Assessment Conducted by:  Staff Welfare Association

Objective of the assessment:

The involvement of efficient worker is required for sustaining a quality business process. Simultaneously, the good health of the workers and associated office staffs are also indispensable for delivering their best effort. Therefore, this assessment is an effort to gauge the health status of our staffs for a better future ahead.

Tools utilized for assessment:

  • A survey is being conducted throughout for collecting health data from every staff
  • Every staff is being requested for attaching their respective medical reports so that the exact health conditions of a staff could be assessed.
  • Heath curves and linear models are being used by the experts to determine the exact result efficiently.

Assessment Result:

With a thorough assessment of the collected data and health curves, it has been estimated that an overall quality health is being maintained by every staff. However, staff working in production section is facing problems like sneezing, bronchitis etc. This is likely to be due to the inhalation of various chemical gases and this need to be taken care of by the authority immediately.

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