Strategic Business Assessment

A strategic business assessment is an evaluation which addresses the areas of concern of a business, its growth, strengths and weaknesses and outlines ways of improving profitability and success. If conducted well, strategic business assessments can help a business to grow and ensure profits within two years or so. The results of such a business assessment must be documented carefully to have maximum impact.

Sample Strategic Business Assessment

Name of the business: Vision Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1993

Strategic business assessment conducted by: Aztec ratings Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of strategic business assessment: 12th June 2011

Factors we have taken into consideration in preparing the strategic business assessments document:

  • The market in which the business seeks to work is the prime consideration. How it meets the needs of the market and its success are crucial factors in effecting a strategic business assessment.
  • The manner in which the business meets the needs of the clients and customers is also an important consideration. Product designing, service delivery, quality and scope of the results are also considered by us.
  • We also work closely with the business in implementing the recommendations given in this document [check attached document for more details]. We specifically focus on areas like project development, financial management, impact analysis, business needs assessments etc.

Our fees are negotiable on the basis of the level of success archived by us. We participate in a number of discussions with board members of a business before we conceptualise, implement and execute the strategic business assessment.

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