Stress Self Assessment

Stress self assessment is the procedure by which an individual assesses and understands his levels of stress with the help of either simple or complex tools. It mainly deals with the forces that act as a cause of psychological volatility. Thus it should be framed logistically by delving into the day to day factors related to mental stress.

Sample Stress Self Assessment

Stress self assessment of: Lee Cooper

Job post: Fire fighter

Stress self assessment given on: 6th April, 2011

Stress self assessment given to: Job-Related Stress Survey Workers’ Association

Motive: The main motive of the stress self assessment is to see how well the concerned individual perceives and copes with his environment. It is the coping strategies of the person that are symbolic of his consistent reaction patterns to a stressful situation.

Steps involved in the assessment:

The assessment is done by inspecting the reaction patterns and physiological phenomenon in the individual through 5 stages of the job spectrum:

1. On hearing the news of a fire outbreak

2. On reaching the accident spot

3. While getting ready for action

4. While putting out the fire

5. During after effect of the whole episode

Symptoms studied in the assessment:

The assessment has led to the discovery of certain symptoms indicative of severe stress level in the individual:

1. Headache: Severe and stubborn headaches once or twice daily

2. Fatigue: Wearing out on the days of one single assignment and getting fatigued completely on days of more than one assignments

3. Appetite and sleep: Too little appetite and insomniac tendency

4. Irritability: High


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