Stress Self Assessment

The purpose of a stress self assessment is to analyze the level of stress an individual has to deal with in his daily course of life and thereby, studies the amount of stress one is able to handle and assesses whether one is at all equipped to face such situations. This can be done by taking some simple psychological tests that are framed in the model of the situations one faces in one’s day to day life.

Sample Stress Self Assessment

Name: Orlando Hume

Age: 28years

Occupation: Police Constable

Date of submission of report: March 15, 2012

Purpose: To assess how the individual perceives, processes and copes with job related to stress. The assessment intends to analyze the stress overcoming policies the person adopts in order to handle the crises faced at workplace.

The procedure involved in the stress self assessment: The individual is made to confront a few stressful situations and his reactions are thereby observed and analyzed. The situations given are:

  • On incidents when one needs to chase a culprit.
  • On visiting an accident spot.
  • While confronting suspects in the interrogation room.
  • On hearing the news of a murder.

Symptoms studied as per the reaction pattern observed in the individual:

  • Constant sweating and frequent seizures.
  • Lack of patience and high irritability.
  • Stammering while interrogating suspects.
  • Headaches and insomniac tendencies.

Inference: The assessment reveals that the individual often tends to get nervous while dealing with crises situation and is not well equipped to handle the stress encountered in his work environment.

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