Stroke Risk Assessment

Stroke risk assessment is the evaluation of a person’s health and lifestyle in order to see if he is at risk for a stroke in the future. Stroke is a condition where there is a loss of brain function due to a rupture in a blood vessel in the brain. It is a serious condition and can also lead to a death of a person or paralysis. By undergoing a stroke risk assessment, one can take the necessary precautions in life in order to reduce the risk of a stroke. While making the evaluation, one must focus on the kind of lifestyle the person leads, stress factors, sleep habits, genetic factors and so on.

Sample Stroke Risk Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Medical Team, California

Name: Ryan Goodwing

Address: 930 Kites Alley, Kansas

Objective of assessment: To identify if the person is susceptible to any risk of stroke in the future and to suggest measures to counter the risks

Problem areas:

  • The patient was asked questions on his blood pressure, weight, cholesterol level, exercise habits, diet and if there are any similar cases in the family and it was found that the patient faces a fairly high risk of stroke
  • His heartbeat is also irregular and he is a regular smoker
  • He has high blood pressure and high cholesterol level

Assessment and recommendations:

  • Mr Goodwing must immediately start an exercise routine and can also take meditation classes to relive stress
  • There should be changes in the diet and he must lead a healthier lifestyle to reduce stroke risks

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