Student Assessments

Student assessment is a continuous process for evaluating a student’s learning process and performance in assigned activities. This also helps the authority to identify the achievements along with the areas where the student the needs improvement. This kind of document is an important appraisal toll for understanding the capability of a student. Essentially, this process is imperative for bringing overall development in a student and preparing him for the competition.

In order to accomplish this assessment process for achieving fruitful result it is important to design the assessment document effectively by incorporating all the essential points. Among them, some of the significant are as follows.

  • It is essential to specify the purpose of the assessment at the very beginning. This helps the intended authority to understand the objective behind the assessment and how much it is being fulfilled.
  • Following the purpose, it is also essential to denote the factors that are taken into consideration for the purpose of the assessment and findings related to each one of it. It should be presented in descriptive tone without being much verbose.

Conclusion should be written in such a way so that it must depict a clear solution for the problem that has been identified in the assessment process.

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