Student Career Assessment

A student career assessment is a document authorising the assessment results of a student’s skills and abilities in handling an occupation effortlessly. It is thus a crucial process as far as discovering one’s talent and ability is concerned depending on which the student plans his career and chooses the occupation subsequently.

Sample Student Career Assessment

Name of the organization: Modern High School

Name of the student: Christie Loft, Ninth grade

Assessment prepared by: Veronica Adler, Vocational Counsellor

Date of preparation: 9th May, 2011

Academic records: The student has been consistent in his academic performances by maintaining standard marks in science subjects with noteworthy marks in physics.


The child has shown interest in mechanics through distinguished performance in symbolic, intellectual and analytical activities entailing systematic exploration.

The related proficiencies are expressed in his quantitative and experimental accomplishments.

His goals involve recognition, observation and creation of innovative thoughts and ideas and prediction and control of scientific phenomena.


The student has achieved a greater percentile score on numerical ability than in verbal and abstract reasoning, which demonstrates his flair for mathematical computations and digit coding.

His mechanical comprehension has been tested successfully that reveals his ability of mechanical reasoning and involvement with scientific principles.

Intelligence level:

Test of concrete intelligence exhibits his cerebral, logical and rational power in manifesting a tangible work.

His concentration, information-processing speed and inductive reasoning are sound that is revealed in his scores on arithmetic test and matrix reasoning test.

Conclusion: The student is highly suitable for an engineering job, preferably mechanical, and shows marked chances of early vocational promotion.

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