Student Centered Assessment

The student centered assessment is an essential document that analyses and evaluates student learning in an educational institution. This type of assessment involves participation by the students in standardized exams after which the results are recorded here. The student centered assessment is important for understanding the effectiveness of the teaching methods implemented in the institution through the overall performance of the students. This assessment also reveals the problematic areas and provides solution for improvement in the different educational fields. The student centered assessment needs to be performed with careful precision and all data must be carefully documented, accordingly.

Sample Student Centered Assessment:

Name of Educational Institution: Springfield High School

Overall Student Strength: 345,890

Teaching Staff: 456

Student Centered Assessment conducted by: All American School Grant Commission

Mode of Student Centered Assessment: Multiple Choice Questions for Lower, Middle and Upper Educational Levels

Objectives of Student Centered Assessment:

The All American School Grant Commission conducts a yearly student centered assessment for the purpose of ensuring that all educational standards are met in Springfield High School. The assessment will touch upon the following vital aspects:

  • To learn about the students’ overall academic performance.
  • To understand the preferences of the students in both the educational and extra curricular fields.
  • To examine the students’ shortcomings
  • To assess the foundation for further learning.

Outcome of the Student Centered Assessment:

  • Strengths:
  • The students show a remarkable academic performance in both the Lower and Middle level.
  • There is active interest and participation in both sports and other extra-curricular activities.
    • Shortcomings:
    • The Upper Educational Level showed an average academic performance. Thus, there is a need for implementing better educational techniques.

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