Student Functional Assessment

Student functional assessment is basically a tool to assess functional behavior of students and thereby, chart ways to improve his/her personality and mold them into better human beings. It involves psychological analysis of student behavior in social gatherings and class activities and enables identification of problem behaviors. It also aims to teach students to self introspect and channelize their problematic functional aspects to desirable functional behaviors.

Sample Student Functional Assessment

Student functional assessment of: Laura Sanders.

Age: 12 years.

School: Studywell High School.

Standard: Seven


  • Classroom performance: The student is found to be excessively quiet in class and shies away from class interaction, refrains from asking questions and keeps to herself. She responds only when spoken to, doesn’t interact much with classmates either and remains within a small circle of friends.
  • Group performance: More comfortable in group activities than taking center stage. Tends to hide herself in the shadow of others. Refrains from articulating her own insight and comments. Comfortable following others than leading. Lacks confidence and strength of personality.
  • Involvement in school functions: Passive participation. Reluctantly takes part only when compelled to. Prefers to hide in crowd. Unable to articulate her view-points in large groups. Shies away from public speaking. Poor organizational and leadership skills due to lack of personality and poor communication skills.
  • Involvement in sports: Enthusiastic about sports but prefers to watch and cheer than play. Prefers to remain indoors and refrain from physical activities.
  • Overall behavior: Not a naughty, destructive child but preference to remain invisible must not be encouraged either.

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