Student Learning Assessment

Student learning assessment is a device through which the degree and progress of student’s learning can be analyzed and judged. It involves an in-depth study of the student’s learning faculties, methodology adopted and targets achieved during the knowledge gain process and aims to suggest ways of improvement based on the findings of the assessment.

Sample Student Learning Assessment

Name of the concerned student: Rosa Parks.

Age: 14 years.

Education: Student of standard IX in River Heights School.

Student learning assessment conducted by: Teaching faculty, River Heights School.

Objective of student learning assessment: To assess the efficacy of the new learning module enforced from January 2011.

Student learning assessment:

Learning faculties:

  • Reading, writing and comprehensive skills: 9.5
  • Concentration meter: 6.5-8.0
  • Analytical skills: 7.5
  • Memory: 7
  • Articulation skills: 6
  • Retention meter: 5.5-7.0
  • Intelligence quotient: 113

Learning methodology:

  • Reading aloud.
  • Trying to reproduce things learnt on paper.
  • Creating charts and pictorial representation to retain knowledge better.
  • Making short notes of comments that occur in mind while studying.
  • Using colored pens, highlighters and markers to imprint important points in one’s mind.
  • Setting up frequent time bound mock tests to measure the efficacy of knowledge grasped.
  • Organization of presentations, seminars and group discussions to help internalize the knowledge learned.

Targets achieved:

  • Remarkable improvement in mathematics and science subjects.
  • Distinctive improvement from last year’s academic performance.
  • Improvement in public speaking skills and confidence level.

Inference: The learning process implemented is helping the students to live their dreams and improve academic performance while simultaneously trying to make learning fun.

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