Student Risk Assessment

The purpose of student risk assessment is to conduct a thorough analysis of all those aspects that may threaten the well-being of a student and thereby seek ways to protect them from such hazards and ensure their safety. The assessment is mostly conducted by institutional authorities as a part of their responsibility towards the safety of the students. It involves identification of potential threats, in depth study of the intensity of their effects on the student community and suggestion of ways to resolve such issues.

Sample Student Risk Assessment

Student risk assessment conducted in: Martininian High School.

Student risk assessment conducted by: Student risk management committee, Martininian High School.

Date of submission of report: May 20, 2012.

Purpose: To identify and analyze potential risks that may hamper the security of students.

Risks identified:

  • Fire
  • Disasters like earthquake, flood.
  • Dysfunctional infrastructure.
  • Electrocution.
  • Minor accidents in school premises.
  • Sudden illness of students.
  • Susceptibility of suicidal students to actually commit suicide if pushed to the edge.

Suggested solutions:

  • Cutting edge first aid arrangements.
  • Stationing of at least one ambulance within school premises for medical emergencies.
  • Professional tie up with at least one quality hospital for emergency medical cases.
  • Appointment of psychologists to counsel suicidal students.
  • Regular checking of electrical connections. Earthing of wires must be done in the proper way.
  • Disaster management kits.
  • Abiding by fire safety regulations. Proper arrangement of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and other safety gear.
  • Assigning a sick room with proper medical arrangements for the sake of students who might fall sick suddenly and need a quiet place to rest.

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