Student Self Assessment

The student self assessment is a process through which the student is asked to evaluate his own performance in both the academic and other extra curricular fields. This assessment provides an opportunity for students to understand the areas of strength as well as understand their deficiencies. Through the student self assessment, students are able to set up a standard for academic performance. This type of assessment is very important and necessary for students and hence, needs to be documented carefully.

Sample Student Self Assessment:

Student Name: Aretha Jones

Educational Institution: Franklin Woods College

Major Field of Study:  Arts and Aesthetics

Basic Criteria for Student Self Assessment:

Aretha Jones is an Arts and Aesthetics major who has formulated this student self assessment to evaluate certain critical aspects related to her field of study, which is as follows:

  • Analyzing the student’s depth of knowledge in grammar and syntax.
  • Examining the vocabulary skills through creative writing.
  • The student’s public speaking abilities, that is, whether she is able formulate intelligent opinions and attract like-minded students.
  • Familiarity with the artistic technicalities and its practical application.
  • Assessing self confidence and poise.
  • The ability to retain information for a long period of time.
  • The student’s skill in voice modulation and projection.
  • The use of body movements to convey emotions and ideas in different performances.

Student’s Comments Based on Assessment:

Aretha Jones is overall satisfied with her performance in the Arts and Aesthetics field of study. However, there are two elements that need improving:

  • Brushing up on her artistic techniques. This will involve extensive research and field application.
  • Retention powers are also wanting and require higher concentration levels.

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