Student Skills Assessment

Student skills assessment is an integral component of any student development program. It involves in-depth study and analysis of the skills mastered by students during the course of their education and aims to not only identify the skills a particular student prefers to use or master but also teaches them the way it may be applied to life situations.

Sample Student Skills Assessment

Name of the student: Jason Ivanovich

Age: 16 years.

Designation: School Student.

Student skills assessment conducted by: Roy Campbell, student coordinator, Brooklyn High School.


  • Comprehensive skills: 7
  • Writing skills: 4
  • Computer aptitude: 8
  • Painting skills: 6
  • Public speaking skills: 3
  • Mathematical aptitude: 9
  • Language skills: 5
  • Life skills: 7.5
  • Analytical skills: 8
  • Sports skills: 4.5
  • Communicative skills: 6.5
  • Ability to work in a team: 7
  • Organizational skills: 8.5
  • Concentration level: 7.5
  • Retention skills: 7
  • Leadership skills: 6.5


While the student is extremely good at comprehensive, retention and analytical skills, his poor language skills deter him from articulating his thoughts and feelings in public. The student is shy and introvert and is thus, more comfortable working in groups than display individual prowess. The student possesses leadership skills and can work in team making him amiable to his teammates. Owing to his poor communicative and public speaking skills, the student chooses to work on his strengths and lead by example when duty calls. However, his inability to articulate himself verbally, literally or pictorially might affect his interpersonal relationships and therefore demands improvement. The student also needs to work on his sports skills as avoidance of physical exercise might cost his health in the long run.

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