Student Technology Assessment

The student technology assessment is method through which the technology used for academic purposes are properly assessed. The assessment examines whether the standardized technological equipments are being used or not. The student technology assessment can be used in schools, colleges and universities, irrespective of the level or field of study. This assessment must be conducted with the utmost care and all observations should be noted for further improvements, if necessary.

Sample Student Technology Assessment:

Name of Educational Institution: McKinley Brown High School

Technology Assessed: Computer

Total Number of Computers: 40

Student Strength (who are allowed usage of the computers): 1124

Student Technology Assessment conducted by: American Schools Inspection Commission

Aims of Student Technology Assessment:

  • The ratio of computers in McKinley Brown High School with that of the students, that is, whether there are sufficient number of computers available for student use.
  • The software and hardware features of the computer which need to be constantly updated for the benefit of student use.
  • The computer models and it’s relevance for today’s use. The computers must not be more than 5 years old.
  • The assessment of teaching staff in charge of the computer department and their expertise.
  • The evaluation of student’s ability to handle computer and their overall performance.


The outcome of this assessment show:

  • The technology used in terms of software and hardware for the computers are up-to-date.
  • The computer models are 4 years old model.
  • However, the computer-student ratio is unbalanced and 25 more computers are required to even the balance.

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