Study Skills Assessment

Study skills assessment allows one to analyze one’s learning skills, identify study patterns and thereby, understand the nature of one’s learning procedure. It helps one to be more familiar with one’s study behaviors and chart study plans accordingly. It also pinpoints one’s shortcomings as a learner and provides the opportunity to improve them.

Sample Study Skills Assessment

Name of the student: Jason Lupin

Age: 12 years

Standard: VII

Procedure involved: The student is given to study a certain text for an upcoming test and her study methods are so observed.


  • Method: The student is found to be organized and routine oriented. He prefers to chart a routine beforehand and strictly abides by it while studying.
  • Reading technique: Prefers to read loudly. Pays attention to details. Looks for known concepts, attempts cross referencing to process the information read.
  • Comprehensive skills: The student is a fast learner. He has excellent comprehensive and retention skills.
  • Memory: average. Poor in remembering dates. However, can remember facts accurately once the concept has been internalized.
  • Note taking: Prefers to scribble his understanding while studying for future references. Makes a note of his own comments and opinions while studying.
  • Concentration level: Average. Tends to get distracted often. However, if the topic given arouses his interest he may devote his entire time and attention to it.
  • Preparation for tests: Doesn’t leave things for the last moment. Likes to set short term goals and works by taking extra load initially and relaxing as the exam time approaches.

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