Surgical Risk Assessment

Surgical risk assessment is the process which analyses how aware medical practitioners or patients are regarding the various risks associated with surgeries in terms of safety, hygiene, medications, anesthesia, contamination etc. Surgery involves cutting into the human body to operate and hence one must take utmost care to make sure that there is no contamination in any form which will worsen the patient’s condition. By undertaking a risk assessment before the surgery, many problems can be avoided and it helps the doctor to identify certain health issues of the patients like allergies, heart problems, past illnesses etc which may interfere with the current surgery.

Sample Surgical Risk Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Medical Team, Kansas

Name of patient: Thomas Colt

Address: 922 Williamson Lane, Kansas

Objective of assessment: To find out if the patient has any past health issue which will interfere with his surgery

Areas on which questions asked:

  • What is your age, weight, cholesterol level and blood pressure?
  • Are you allergic to any particular medicine?
  • Do you have any chronic heart disease or are under medication?

Assessment and recommendations:

Based on Mr Colt’s answers, we make the following recommendations:

  • The patient is not allergic to any medicine and has a healthy lifestyle.
  • He is free from any heart disease and is under medication which is not going to interfere with the surgery
  • We recommend that the patient can go ahead with the surgery, although he has to take post-operative care and be under complete bed rest for at least 1 week after the surgery

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