Tax Office Self-Assessment

Tax office self assessment refers to the assessment of the taxation department of the government through in-house members. It works on the principle of fairness for all and analyses its working methods on the basis of its practiced principles. The document thus brings out the flaws in working strategies and rates it by international standards of tax collection.

Sample Tax Office Self-Assessment

Name of the department: Australian Tax Department

Nature of assessment: Self assessment

Name of the official employed for self assessment: Miss Catherine Jones, Economist

Date of assessment: 6th December, 2011

Method of assessment: Objective assessment

Purpose of assessment: The tax office self assessment is an extension of the attempt made by the tax department to judge service standards of the employees working in their respective fields. It makes sure that the employees make accurate calculations of the tax proportions to be paid by taxpayers, depending on the scale of property owned by them, without cheating or faking.

Excerpts from the assessment results:

  • The preliminary round of assessment reveals that the Bells’ Group fraudulence case was direct fallout of the department’s failure to keep a steady record of the multinational company.
  • The officials have conducted 7 raids in the year of 2010 which clearly indicates that the number of raids will have to be increased to exercise greater control over the ongoing crimes.
  • The background information of about 75% US citizens have been traced and verified. The staff will have to complete the project by 2011 as it is important to arrest the forces operating in the black market.

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