Teacher Assessment Example

A teacher assessment example is required to justify the performances of a teacher in his/her field of work; i.e. schools/colleges/universities etc. It is an important tool that helps to analyze the capabilities and shortcomings of a teacher and helps the authority/individual to take care of the problems and rectify them for better performances.

Sample Teacher Assessment Example:

Teacher assessment example conducted on: Rebecca Richards.

Age: 36 years.

School/College: Stipule’s Day School, California.

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012.

Conducted by: Stipule’s Teacher assessment foundation, California.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Fluency at pronouncing words and numbers: This test is conducted by asking the teacher to read a paragraph consisting of numbers and words. Clarity of pronunciation and stress on important words are noticed and results are derived. Miss Richards has scored 17 on 20 in this round.
  • Writing and vocabulary test: This is a test in which the teacher is asked to write a paragraph of words in the black board from a given piece of newspaper or a book. Then the candidate is asked to spell out and write down the meanings of random words. This is a time based test. The candidate scored 23 on 30 in this test.
  • Mentality and character test: This test is undertaken by providing the teacher with make-belief situations in which the teacher goes through instances where his/her character and mentality is put to test by the actions of students during a teaching session. The reactions are noted and marks are distributed accordingly. The teacher received 39 out of 50 in this test.

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