Teacher Assessment Format

Teacher assessment format is a tool that is used to analyze and understand the teaching prowess of a certain teacher. This kind of formats helps in assessing the technical and psychological problems, if any, of the teacher concerned and to analyze his/her competency at teaching a number of students and his/her usage of the best teaching methods in doing so. The findings that are derived should be carefully documented for future usage and to compare between similar assessments in times of need.

Sample Teacher Assessment Format

Teacher Assessment Prepared and Undertaken by:

Specify the details of the authority or individual conducting the assessment to instill the confidence of the concerned individual appearing for the test.

Details of the individual appearing for the assessment:

Mention all the personal and professional details of the teacher who is going to go through the assessment.

Purpose of the Teacher Assessment:

Detail the reasons for which the assessment is being conducted and specify the reason for the use of it in the future, if required.

Results and Remedies:

Fill in this section with the details of the assessment and the results derived from it. Highlight the points of shortcomings that need immediate corrections. Simplify the details for the easy understanding of the teacher. Specify all types of remedies that the individual may undertake to make sure he/she achieves the desired results soon.


End the assessment with the follow-up methods that need to be done by the teacher and the positive minutes of the assessment conducted.

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