Teacher Assessment Template

Teacher assessment templates are pre-developed layouts that consists of various test parameters that seek answers to correctly analyze the capabilities and teaching strengths of any individual teacher under certain pre-created situations and instances that the teacher would likely face in her career. These serve as important records of the given teacher that are stored for future needs and comparison type assessments.

Sample Teacher Assessment Template

Teacher assessment of: ____________________ [name of the individual teacher who is going to take the assessment]

Assessment undertaken by: ____________________ [details of the competent authority who is conducting the assessment needs to be clearly certified to make the subject comfortable and so that he/she can rely on the authority completely.]

Date of the assessment being undertaken: __________ [mention the date of the commencement and completion of the assessment. This helps in the future reference of the report and to keep track of the documents easily.]

Parameters and Results: [List all the parameters, situations and make-belief instances that the teacher goes through while appearing in the test and the results derived from them.]

  •  __________________ [name of parameter, situations and make-belief instances 1]

Results related to parameter 1: ___________________

  • __________________ [name of parameter , situations and make-belief instances 2]

Results related to parameter 2: ___________________

  • __________________ [name of parameter , situations and make-belief instances 3]

Results related to parameter 3: ___________________

  • __________________ [name of parameter , situations and make-belief instances 4]

Results related to parameter 4: _________________

Conclusion and Solutions: ____________________________ [this section should include the various solutions that would help the teacher improve in future]

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