Teacher Technology Assessment

There was a time when the word ‘classroom’ brought to mind images of a teacher writing on blackboard while students sitting with their eyes flitting from their text books and blackboard. Enter technology. Classrooms today are no longer about textbooks, blackboards, chalks and libraries. Digitization has made classrooms populated with laptops, wifi, internet, ipads, projectors, so on and so forth.

Teachers today are not assessed just by their teaching skills but also their ability to incorporate technology into classrooms. Teacher technology assessment, thus, is a procedure by which the technological proficiency of a teacher is analyzed in order to gauge his or her ability to integrate technology into classroom teaching.

Sample Teacher Technology Assessment

Teacher technology assessment conducted by: Julia Verne, Technology assessor.

Teacher technology assessment conducted for: Manhattan Public High School.

Teacher technology assessment conducted on: June 2, 2012.

Name of the teacher: Sarah Aldrin.

Objective: To assess the subject’s familiarity with technology and her usage of technology in her teaching.

Assessment procedure:

The assessment was conducted in three parts:

  • Part one:

The first part of the assessment was dealt with the assessment of the technological knowledge and skills of the teacher. She was made to face a basic skills test that examined her proficiency with technology and her awareness of the latest technologies used in classrooms today.

  • Part two:

The second part was a classroom demonstration test designed to study her usage of technology in the class. This was meant to review her reliance on technology while teaching and the role she assigned to technology in her classroom lectures. It also involved analysis of student reception of her teaching techniques.

  • Part three:

The third part involved a psychological test devised to understand the relationship she shares with technology, the way she perceives technology and her views on the implementation of technologies in classrooms.

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