Teacher Assessments

Teacher assessments are an important tool in judging the competence and efficacy of teachers. It is effective in communicating the recruiting officials a genuine and unbiased report on the merits and prospects of existing teaching professionals, based upon which all hiring, firing and promotional decisions can be taken. The assessments are meant to closely analyze the teaching abilities, erudition, classroom interaction and behavior of the teacher within the premises of the institution.

Since teaching assessments serve as groundwork for various important academic decisions, it is important that the assessment explore all aspects of the teaching personnel in order to reach a logical, unbiased conclusion. The following are a few aspects that must be assessed in a teacher assessment program:

  • Qualifications: The first thing to look for in a teaching assessment is the academic qualifications of the teaching personnel and judge whether they meet the standards of the institution.
  • Communicative skills: For one to be a successful teacher, it is of utmost importance that pedagogy meets erudition. Hence, the communicative and interactive skills must be analyzed closely.
  • Ability to inspire: It is said that a good teacher is one who rather than dogmatizing, inspires his listener to teach himself. Thus for the assessment to be all-inclusive, the influence a teacher has on his students must also be studied with care.

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