Teaching Career Assessment

Teaching career is one of the rewarding, yet challenging, careers where one possess a strong potential in imparting knowledge to others. Therefore teaching career assessment is a unified tool for measuring an aspirant’s competency, educational qualification and qualities for acquiring a job position in the particular field.

Sample Teacher Career Assessment

Participant’s name: Peter Gonzalvas

Age: 24 years

Assessment conducted by: University of North Houston, USA for the faculty positions in Physics Department

Objective of the assessment:

This assessment is solicited with an objective to indentify the right candidate for the faculty position in Physics Department at University of North Houston. Through this assessment, the authority wishes to identify those candidates who wish to explore opportunities of a teaching career.

Tools implemented for achieving relevant assessment results:

  • Several essential factors like highest educational qualification of the candidate on the particular or related field, work experience, job traits, objective to fulfill from the particular job position is taken into consideration.
  • A psychological test and skills ability test is being performed for identifying the competency and devotion of the aspirant for this career.

Assessment Result:

It has been found that the concern candidate fulfilled the psychology test and skill ability test as desired. However, for imparting highly specified knowledge to the students the aspirant needs to develop his or her knowledge more on the particular subject. This could be accomplished by undergoing teaching-specific vocational trainings. Moreover, this would also help the aspirant to understand better how to deal with college students and ways of imparting valuable knowledge to them.

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