Technology Assessment Format

Technology assessment format is an approach used for assessing the competency of the technical network of a company. This kind of document helps in exploring the technology related needs and improves the performance of the business by imparting best technologies. Hence, it has to determine various factors associated with the technology and explicate the findings, properly in a document so that it could be referred in case of future need.

Sample Technology Assessment Format

Technology Assessment Prepared and Conducted by:

The details regarding the authority conducting the assessment has to be specified initially so that the audience gets confident in using the following paperwork for future need.

Technology Assessment Conducted For:

Specify the name of the business whose technical network system’s competency has to be analyzed by the authority.

Purpose of the technology assessment:

The purpose of the technology assessment acts as a focal point of the document. This is because it delivers an overview about the need of the analysis to the audience.

Factors and Findings:

Explicate the factors based upon which various technical aspects and their performance is being assessed. Enumeration of findings on individual factors helps the audience to assimilate the points and identify the areas that require immediate improvements or advancement.


The end paragraph should essentially specify the voids in the technical system and the areas of shortcomings. Moreover, along with the deduction of the entire assessment’s findings, this paragraph should also highlight the possible solutions which could be implemented to improve the quality and performance of a business’s technology system.


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