Technology Assessment Template

Technology assessment template is a pre-developed layout which outlines various lineations which seek for details related to the findings of a technology appraisal. This kind of document has to be formulated essentially so that it could serve as an important record for re-building technological network of a company according to its business need.

Sample Technology Assessment Template

Technology Assessment of ___________________

[Mention the name of the company in the letter-head whose technology assessment is being conducted]

Assessment conducted by: [Specify the details of the authority by whom the particular assessment is being conducted. This helps the audience to understand the reliability of the paperwork.]

Date of issuing the assessment: [Specify the date of conducting the assessment. This would assist in keeping track of the same as a record for further reference.]

Parameters and Findings: [Enumerate the factors and its corresponding findings elaborately so that the audience could gauge the competency of their technical network extensively]

  • __________________ [name of parameter 1]

Findings related to parameter 1: ___________________


  • __________________ [name of parameter 2]

Findings related to parameter 2: ___________________


  • __________________ [name of parameter 3]

Findings related to parameter 3: ___________________


  • __________________ [name of parameter 4]

Findings related to parameter 4: ___________________


  • __________________ [name of parameter 5]

Findings related to parameter 5: ___________________

Assessment Report: [The last section should provide solutions on the areas that require improvements or advancement in the existing technology, so as to meet the business need and achieve an edge in competition with its contemporaries in future.


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