Technology Literacy Assessment

With technology becoming an integral part of our daily needs, technology literacy has almost become a must for survival in today’s world. Technology literacy assessment is a procedure which attempts to examine the level of one’s technology literacy. The process involves testing of one’s technological skills and knowledge and thereby understanding the extent of one’s familiarity and comfort with technology.

Sample Technology Literacy Assessment

Technology literacy assessment conducted by: Techxpert Assessment Firm.

Date of submission of assessment report: June 4, 2012.

Assessment conducted for: Cooleducation High School, Brighton.

Objective: To assess the ability of the students of the school to grasp complex technological skills.

Name of the candidate: Isabella Turner.

Age: 15 years.

Occupation: Student

Assessment procedure:

  • Level one: The assessment initially conducts a basic skills test on the students to understand the extent of their familiarity with basic technological concepts.
  • Level two: In the next step, the students are confronted with technological issues that one faces in one’s daily lives. It evaluates the students’ acquaintance with commonplace technologies like word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, Internet and telecommunication, so on and so forth.
  • Level three: This level ventures into more complex technological skills to gauge the students’ level of understanding and technical soundness.


  • The student is found to cross level one successfully with flying colors and with immense ease.
  • The next level seemed to have pushed the student out of her comfort zone as she tended to falter with the test but eventually emerged successful despite the struggle.
  • The student however failed to cross the third level as the complex issues baffled and confused her to the extent of goading her to give up.


The student, though familiar with the basic technological skills, needs to brush up her technical knowledge and concepts. She must be made more comfortable with everyday technology and taught complex technological concepts with more care.

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