Technology Self Assessment

Technology self assessment is a tool that may be used to assess one’s own proficiency with technology and understand the importance or role technology plays in one’s life. It is a kind of self-introspection that allows one to find out the way one perceives technology and the relationship one shares with it in one’s daily life.

Sample Technology Self Assessment

Name: Pierre Gage.

Date of conduction of the assessment: February 7, 2012.

Aim: To review and understand the role that technology plays in my life.

Aspects considered:

  • My perception of technology.
  • My relationship with technology.
  • The importance of technology in my daily life.
  • The role of technology in my life.


  • My perception of technology: I perceive technology as something that makes my life easy and provides me a smooth and hassle-free lifestyle. It acts as my friend, support and multi-purpose tool.
  • My relationship with technology: Right from waking up in the morning to closing my eyes at night, technology remains my constant companion. It wakes me up, keeps track of my schedule, informs me about my day’s agenda, helps me find my way to any place, manages my correspondences, keeps a tab on my work, helps me stay connected with my friends around the world and entertains me whenever I wish to.
  • The importance of technology in my daily life: Technology has immense importance in my life as it literally manages my life so much so that I cannot even visualize what my life would be without it.
  • The role of technology in my life


  • Makes life easier.
  • Manages my schedule.
  • Brings the world at my doorstep just at a click.
  • Shapes my cosmopolitan personality.


  • Makes life completely technology dependent.
  • Kills hobbies.
  • Kills old habits of letter writing, reading books.
  • Makes one more alienated and individualistic.

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